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Teresa van Lieshout is the founder & president of Voter Rights Party (Australia). She’s from Western Australia & now lives in Victoria.  As an Australian born experienced teacher since 1996, she has a Master of Education specialising in Leadership and Management, and directs an education business, ‘Expert Educational Services’.  Teresa was accepted into an Educational Doctorate at Notre Dame University however, decided to contest political elections instead.  Teresa has written four books of non-fiction literature, legally published with Australia’s National Library.  She has a special interest in economics, education and sociological issues affecting all Australian citizens and voters. Championing a Constitutional Bill of Rights, she passionately articulates for the rights, interests, and freedoms of Australian, & world citizens.  Teresa admires the qualities of wisdom, discernment, compassion, morality, sincerity, & justice regarding decisions she and others make.  Teresa is a critical, intelligent and creative thinker destined for greatness.

Our foundation principles are:

1. Bill of Rights; a NEW Constitution for Australia centred on citizens Bill of Rights, & representative & responsible political, judicial, & govt structures & systems; Freedom of Speech, Free Association & Free Assembly, Parental Rights, Property Rights, Economic Rights, Right To A Home, Elderly Rights, Legal Representation Rights. Abolish Forced Govt Medical Practices. Abolish Arbitrary Imprisonment. Return Govt Stolen Children to Birth Parents. Freedom for citizen victims in Aus govt facilities torture.
2. Australian Values & Justice
3. Economic Vision; New Tax System, ‘Australian Owned & Made’ Production & Jobs. Commonwealth Jobs Grants Commission. No TPP, no globalisation & free trade agreements, no foreign land & resource ownership. New, National Economics Board (Abolish ASIC). Abolish Fines System. National Compensation Fund for citizens.
4. Education Vision; Commonwealth primary, secondary, & tertiary education priorities, to empower, inspire, develop gifts & talents, fulfil potential, & promote objective critical thinking & analysis. Nationalise Education in line with National Curriculum. Teacher Budgets. Parents Tutoring Fund. Increased Morals & Values Education.
5. Judicial Reform; replace magistrates & judges with a team of judicial officers in every Australian state. Must be 3 JO’s up the front, and lawyers on both sides. Abolish the high court & establish Human Rights courts in each state, for citizens.

6. Responsible Environment Management; specified areas of land & marine conservation for tourism jobs & development.

Under the redundant 117-year-old Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, Australian voters and citizens have no rights, and this enables politicians and government workers to become corrupt and abuse their power.

We know this is happening in our nation; the question is, what are voters going to do about it? If you agree with 80%+ of the above, you will contribute greatly to Voter Rights Party (Australia).

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