The President laid flowers at the Tekhnologichesky Institut metro station in St Petersburg in tribute to the victims of the explosion.

Earlier, the President of Russia held a meeting at the Federal Security Service (FSB) Department for St Petersburg and Leningrad Region, where representatives from the FSB, the Interior Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry and the Russian National Guard updated him on the initial investigation results.

Vladimir Putin receives regular updates from the security agencies and investigation teams. The municipal and federal authorities are providing assistance to those affected by the explosion and to the victims’ families.

An unidentified device exploded at 2:40 pm today between the metro stations Tekhnologichesky Institut and Sennaya Ploshchad in St Petersburg. The Russian Investigative Committee has qualified the explosion as a terrorist attack, although it is analysing several versions. According to the National Antiterrorist Committee, 11 people have been killed and 45 have been injured in the explosion.


Telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump.


US President Donald Trump offered his condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the heinous terrorist attack in the St Petersburg metro and asked Vladimir Putin to convey his words of support to the Russian people. President Putin thanked his American colleague for the expression of solidarity.

The Presidents noted that terrorism is an evil that must be fought jointly and agreed to continue their contacts.

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