Who cares what these Anti Australia Oxygen Thieves want, The Far-Left Green’s have done enough Damage to this Country and Hopefully by this time next year they will be voted out.  The Greens are Anti everything Australian and only care about destroying our Country by flooding the Country with refugees who are not suited to our Culture.

Greens Website Petition:I call upon Prime Minister Turnbull and the federal cabinet to recognise and acknowledge the history of January 26 and the injustices imposed on Aboriginal people and their current day consequences.  Change the Date

Senator DI NATALE: As Australians, we all want a day on which we can come together as a national community, to reflect on where we’re at and to celebrate what we are: a wonderfully diverse, open and free society. But January 26 is not that day. We should have a day where we celebrate this great country of ours, celebrate its magnificent Indigenous history and celebrate the many waves of migration that followed, but 26 January, the day of dispossession, is not that day. Our entire national wealth was built from that moment, but we still have not paid the rent—no treaty, no constitutional recognition and very little progress. Celebrating on 26 January is an insult to the owners of this land from whom we have taken so much but given so little.

The Greens do not want to see the Australian flag burn because we do not believe that is how you change hearts and minds but we sure as hell do not believe that people should be locked up for it. By the way, it is about time we changed the flag while we are at it. The motion cites a poll. I would be wary of citing polls, because you know what happened last time the coalition got worried about polls? They changed their leader.

Hanson Young: We know that 26 January is not a day that can be celebrated by everyone and never will be a day that can be celebrated by everybody. That is because it is a day that is very, very reminiscent and symbolic of the day that the British invaded this country. And it marked the beginning of the slaughter and the genocide of First Australians. We’ve been debating the issue of changing the date of Australia Day in this country ever since 26 January was chosen to be our national day. Back in 1938, in the first year that Australia Day was marked as a national day of celebration, there was a very live debate about whether this day was the most appropriate. Indigenous communities and leaders of First Australian communities stood up in 1938 and said, ‘This is not a day that we can feel part of, that we can celebrate and that enables us to be included in the progress of our nation.’ They begged the rest of the community leaders to choose a different day one that was more unifying. 

This is an important national conversation that we should be having about changing the date of Australia Day. It’s a debate that started in 1938. It hasn’t gone away and it won’t go away. The date of Australia Day will change. It will change. It’s not a matter of what or if; it’s simply a matter of when.

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