Two Australian Border Force (ABF) investigations into the illicit importation of performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDS) have resulted in the imprisonment of a man from Victoria and another from Western Australia.

In Victoria, a 26-year-old New Zealand national was sentenced to six and a half years jail, with a non-parole period of more than three years, for importing more than 400 vials, 11 litres and 37 kilograms of powdered PIEDs.

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The investigation began in January 2015 when the ABF detected packages containing anabolic and androgenic substances addressed to various names and locations in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

In August 2015, ABF investigators executed a number or Customs Act 1901 search and seizure warrants on residences located in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

At the Southbank residence the ABF located a large quantity of items linked to the importation and distribution of anabolic/androgenic substances including:

  • Over 400 vials of various anabolic/androgenic substances
  • Approximately 11 litres of various anabolic/androgenic substances
  • Approximately 500 grams of various anabolic/androgenic substances in powdered form
  • Imported mail articles containing anabolic/androgenic substances
  • Labels, vials, a capsule press, empty capsules, bottles and lids
  • 11 mobile phones and one laptop containing evidence of the offences
  • $39,505 AUD cash

Subsequent warrant activity at another residential property, a commercial storage facility and two vehicles uncovered 20 false drivers licences, further pill production equipment, 37 kilograms and 1800mls of powdered and liquid anabolic/androgenic substances.

The man was sentenced in County Court of Victoria last week (15 November 2017) after being found guilty of:

  • Importing a Tier 1 good contrary to s. 233BAA(4) of the Customs Act 1901
  • Trafficking in a commercial quantity of a drug of dependence contrary to s.  DPCS Act 1981 (Vic)
  • Trafficking in a commercial quantity of a drug of dependence contrary to s.  DPCS Act 1981 (Vic)
  • Trafficking in a drug of dependence contrary to s. 71(1) of the DPCS Act 1981 (Vic)
  • Import a prohibited import contrary to s. 233(1)(b) of the Customs Act 1901

The man’s brother, a 27-year-old New Zealand national, was previously sentenced to nine months jail and fines totalling $4500 for his involvement in the operation.

Across in Perth, a 38-year-old man also fronted court last week for the illicit importation of anabolic/androgenic substances. Following an ABF led investigation in 2016 he was sentenced to two years and 10 months jail after pleading guilty to 12 charges.

Acting Commander Investigations, Craig Palmer, said that these outcomes serve as a good reminder to anyone considering illicit activities that they will get caught and they will be held accountable.

“If you try to bring harmful and illicit drugs across the border, we will know, we will find you and you will be brought to account.”

“These are two great outcomes for our diligent ABF officers who continue to work every day to keep our borders and our communities safe.”

People with information about the importation and trade of illicit drugs should contact Border Watch by going to By reporting suspicious activities, you help protect Australia’s border. Information can be provided anonymously.