THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Please. Good group. This is a very talented group of people. Well, thank you very much. We need talent for what we’re doing, believe me.

We’re here to discuss the tremendous threat of MS-13, one of the most violent and vicious gangs anywhere in the world. We’ve really never seen anything quite like this — the level of ferocity, the level of violence, and the reforms we need from Congress to defeat it.

I’m honored to be joined by DHS Secretary Nielsen, top officials in federal law enforcement, and our local sheriffs — our great, great sheriffs.

We’re also joined by Congressman Peter King. Peter, thank you.


THE PRESIDENT: Congressman Lee Zeldin. Lee, good to have you. You’ve been working hard on this, you too. I know that. Martha — Martha McSally. Good. I hear you’re doing well out there. That’s what the word is. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. Barbara. Thank you, Barbara. Good, nice to have you. And Congressman Michael McCaul, who’s really an expert on this subject and has been for a long period of time. It’s a tough subject.

MS-13 recruits through our broken immigration system, violating our borders. And it just comes right through — whenever they want to come through, they come through. It’s much tougher now since we’ve been there, but we need much better border mechanisms and much better border security. We need the wall; we’re going to get the wall. If we don’t have the wall, we’re never going to solve this problem. And I’ve gone to the top people. Many of these people are at the table right now, including this group. And without the wall, it’s not going to work.

During my State of the Union, I called on Congress to close the immigration loopholes that have allowed this deadly gang to break so easily into our country. My administration has identified three priorities. We went through and looked very closely. We’ve identified three priorities for creating a safe, modern, and lawful immigration system: securing the border, ending chain migration, and cancelling the terrible visa lottery.

We’ve been discussing it, we’ve been talking about it. We’re talking about it in Congress. We’re talking about DACA and how we can work that out. And I think the Democrats don’t want to make a deal, but we’ll find out.

As Congress considers immigration reform, it’s essential that we listen to the law enforcement professionals in this room today. And so I’m going to turn it over to Secretary Nielsen. We’ll begin a discussion. And you folks might want to stay for a little while. Okay?

Video below is today Press Briefing with some of the Fake Media, Totally Disrespectful against the Speaker and the Presidents Intention to fight Law and Order. I like to say to the Fake Media you people are sick Puppies and you deserve to be in Prison for your deception and using Brainwashing Techniques to Lie to the Population about one of the best leaders on the Planet.

Source: The White House Office of the Press Secretary under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License/ Photo Whitehouse

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