Peter Forde

October 7, 2017

That the Rohingya people are experiencing a terrible humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and neighbouring Bangladesh is without a doubt.

That the true cause of the crisis is either unknown, misunderstood, ignored or misjudged is also without doubt.

Understanding the direct cause of the Rohingya crisis requires an honest examination of the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s  prescription aimed at establishing Islamic world domination.

Mohammed’s commandment – and it was and remains a commandment, not a suggestion or recommendation – was embodied in three simple steps:

  1. Muslims must infiltrate every non-Muslim society across the planet.
  2. They must then deliberately breed and increase their numbers as rapidly as possible.
  3. When the Muslim population within the host nation has reached a level to ensure they have the ‘power of numbers’, then they must take control of the host nation. The final step is to force all non-Muslims within the host nation to either convert to Islam, accept a status as a slave or be killed.

Mohammed’s plan is gaining traction in Europe, and especially in France and an ‘open-borders, we-welcome-refugees’ Germany.

In Germany 40 per cent of children under the age of five and those currently being born are Muslim.  At this rate, caucasian Germans will be a minority in their own country within about 15 years.

Think back to what you were doing 15 years ago and realise what a frighteningly short time-frame that really is.

Virtually yesterday, which is why Germany will be an Islamic state – tomorrow.

Similar progress is being made by Islam in the United Kingdom and Sweden.

As I have explained in a video entitled “Australia’s greatest threat”

the very same process is underway in Australia.

Mohammed’s plan for world domination failed to factor in the leaders of host societies who understood Islamic intentions and took – or will yet take – action to stop

his plan from succeeding in their countries.

In the early 1990’s Yugoslavia became an unhappy example of one such nation.  The Serbs of Yugoslavia had recognised the great threat that Islamic expansion amongst them posed to their future wellbeing, safety and freedom.

This resulted in a civil war and what the world ignorantly described as ‘genocide’ when Serbians killed large numbers of Muslims.

What is neither recognised nor admitted is that the Serbians were engaged in what was fundamentally an act of national self-defence.  Their unhappy choice was either that or one day submit to Islamic rule and the frighteningly brutal consequences of Mohammed’s three-point plan.

In the video I produced is explained that white South Africans faced, in principle, the same challenge, only not from Muslims but from African blacks deliberately breeding as rapidly as possible so as to ‘swamp’ the whites and overpower them by sheer numbers.  The white South Africans were left with a choice of only two options, both terrible; either to react as the Serbs had, or abandon control of the wealthy, civilised and advanced nation that they had developed over a period of 500 years.

The whites chose the latter ‘non-violent’ option and peacefully handed over control of South Africa to the blacks.

The resulting blood-soaked consequences – actual genocide of whites – has been carefully hidden from the world by the mainstream media.

Those who have any doubt as to the terrible consequences of that peaceful handing over of South Africa to blacks need to view a speech given by a Canadian, Paul Fromm  who visited  South Africa to assess first hand the reports of white genocide.

‘South Africa genocide’ will produce much shocking evidence of a horrible reality not at all publicised by a disgracefully immoral mainstream media.

(quote) “South Africa is in the sixth of the seven stages of genocide. The seventh stage is when people are getting randomly machine-gunned in the streets. There is an organized, ongoing campaign to exterminate the whites in South Africa or to make their living conditions impossible.” Dr. Gregory H Stanton, President, Genocide Watch, Virginia USA

What has happened with the Rohingya in Myanmar is a repeat of what happened in Yugoslavia.  The Burmese people have recognized the growing threat that Islam has posed to their independence and freedom.

Unlike the white South Africans, they have chosen to not risk abandoning or forcibly losing their sovereign and cultural heritage. Given the horrendous consequences for civilised,  peaceful-loving whites in South Africa, the Burmese people have wisely chosen the same option as the Serbs.

Western societies need to recognise the truth of these matters and no longer protect and facilitate the reckless, irresponsible and extremely dangerous expansion of Islam anywhere on the planet.

It is time overdue that civilised nations stopped trying to save so-called “innocent” people – including their deliberately mass-bred children who are born specifically to be indoctrinated into Mohammed’s violent prescriptions – from the barbaric consequences of Mohammed’s Islamic plan for world domination.

Yes, leaving the Rohingya to their self-created fate is a brutal option.  However, as has been learned courtesy of Islamic State in the Middle East, the quite predictable consequence of facilitating rather than fighting the growth and expansion of Islam within non-Muslim societies is without doubt vastly more brutal.

We in the West must place the future well-being of our own children ahead of the well-being of deliberately mass-bred Muslim children. Deliberately being mass-bred to grow up into adults willing to obey to the letter Mohammed’s commands:

“Sieze them and slay them wherever you find them”
Sura 4:89

Australia is particularly vulnerable to this Islamic threat simply because the Australian people generally, and particularly the nation’s political leaders, naively cling to the dreamworld Australian belief of giving everybody a ‘fair-go’ irrespective of their cultural beliefs, even when, as has become increasingly clear, those beliefs now pose a serious threat to our own freedom and future wellbeing.

Australians had better stop believing that “this is Australia, it won’t happen here.”

It IS happening here.

To fully understand the extent of this threat I strongly urge that people watch the video in which this unhappy reality is fully explained.

Then will they understand why its title, ‘Australia’s Greatest Threat’ at s certainly no exaggeration.

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© Peter Forde 2017