Senator Bernardi vs Senator Wong Marriage Equality Debate, Same Sex Marriage only a Couple of years ago probably would have got through the Parliament Easy. People use to say what they do in their bedroom is none of my business hey remember that Cobbers.

Well haven’t timed changed, Gay Marriage is finished and there is no way it will win unless the vote is rigged.

The LGBT Community can thank the ABC and the Greens for this huge about turn, For over 4 years the ABC has been on this crazy Campaign rubbing same sex marriage into our faces and to the point of annoying people.

The dumb Greens decided to get back at the Normal everyday mind your own business Aussies and conservatives by using Gay Marriage, Immigration and Muslims as one agenda. The Greens started a Campaign of attacks against Easy going Aussies who didn’t agree with their agendas and started to use vicious attack words like Bigot, Racist and Homophobic.

The words are used over and over and over by the Far left to try to win some stupid Argument that nobody once cared about, But the stupid lefty Tossers ABC and The Greens Kept using Bigot, Racist and Homophobic to get some point across which now has got to the Point that the two sides hate each other with a passion and there is no doubt there is another Cronulla Riot brewing and this Time it won’t be Muslims against Aussies it will be Aussies against this weirdo Far Left who I prefer not to call Aussies ( Tratiorers)

Sarah Hanson young attack Cory Bernardi in our Parliament calling” Cory Bernardi is Racist, looney, homophobic, climate sceptic ” Click on blue link to view her speech, This Greeny has disrespected our Parliament and outraged Normal Australians.

The Safe Schools Coalition was the Icing on the Cake for same sex Marriage, LGBT Community can Thank the Greens and Senator Rice for this Speech Reforms for Transgender Teens to access hormones !! Click on blue links to read Senator Rice Sicko Parliament speech.

The rise of the far right can’t be stopped it’s bigger than any leftist Agenda, People just want to go back to their Old jobs that the Greens destroyed and just want to live a simple normal life, So what I’m really trying to say it’s Game Over for Same Sex Marriage and you know who to Blame (ABC & The Greens)

Author Robbo the Yobbo, Mate I speak Aussie. If you Lowlife Uni students and weirdo lefty traitors don’t like my Grammar tuff luck.