Scorching Hot News congratulates Trump for his strong stance in his United Nation Speech, Who are these permanent member Nations who sit on the United Nations seats? These scum dictate and suck money from the Western World and Contribute nothing to Humanity. Permanent Members sitting in the United Nations like kings need to start Coffing up some real money or get out or be thrown out.

The Australian government has been bowing down to the United Nations. The UN pushing their Political Correctness Agendas on Western Countries but the Middle Eastern and African Countries laugh off these laws. We are Suckers to Cabal Agenda to Destroy our way of life and Implement their primitive ways of life on us and Also using Satanic Agendas in our Schools and through sexual Immorality.

Turnbull and Bishop have been sending Billions of Dollars of borrowed money from the Australian Budget every time some Country gets into trouble whilst the Australian people are suffering from loss of Jobs, Pensioners suffering and 70% of Australians are living in hardship from high Electricity prices, Enormous rents and owning a home has now become Impossible.

The big question is when will the Muslim countries start to help other Muslim Countries, Yep it’s not going to happen because the west are suckers and they know it.

Trump is the only man on Earth who has the balls to Drain the United Nations Swamp, People must stand up to the left-wing Media who are attempting to take Trump out.

We will never let them destroy Christianity in Australia, Say No to Happy Holidays and Yes to Merry Christmas.

I ask all people of faith to pray for our nation, We are under attack from wealthy Hollywood Paedophiles, Blood and Bones, Illuminati, George Soros, the Bilderberg Group and many other Secret Societies.

I ask God to protect and Bless Australia