Mark Ryan: Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mander is open to more people having access to potentially dangerous, semi-automatic rifles, Police Minister Mark Ryan warned today.

Mr Ryan said video of Mr Mander offering his assurances that he was open to weakening John Howard’s strong gun laws was worrying. Mr Ryan said the gunman in the recent Las Vegas shooting, where 58 people had lost their lives, had used a cheap and simple modification to turn a semi-automatic weapon to into a rapid-fire style machine gun.

In the video, LNP’s Mr Mander says he wants “less regulation”, is “very open-minded” and is an “open canvas”. Mr Ryan said the LNP needed to explain its policies.“Queensland families and Queensland police would be very worried that the LNP are ready to weaken Queensland’s gun laws,” Mr Ryan said.

“John Howard’s gun laws are sensible and balanced and we won’t stand for any watering down. “Just a few weeks ago, Deb Frecklington’s office said the LNP wanted to ‘find the right balance for gun owners’.

“When you couple this with Tim Mander’s comments that he’s open to a greater number of semi-automatic weapons being out there in the community, it’s extremely worrying.“What changes do the LNP want to make exactly? It’s time to stop this madness from the LNP.

“The Palaszczuk Government has been unwavering in our support of the principles of the National Firearms Agreement and we will never support any attempts by the LNP to weaken gun laws in Queensland.”

Attribution: Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services The Honourable Mark Ryan

John Howard Gun laws were brought in on a False Flag and at a Time when we didn’t have all these Crazy Migrants in our Country who want to commit terrorism by blowing themselves up, Running Pedestrians over and the African Gang Violence.These Politicians can’t even keep the Public safe anymore and want to continue down to UN New World Order Paths of Disarming the Population and Militarizing the Police so we can be their slaves and Force sick UN Agendas on to the Population and turn our kids into Queers.