Darren Chester MP: I acknowledge the announcement that the Malaysian Government is entering into an agreement with Ocean Infinity, to search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The Malaysian Government has accepted an offer from Ocean Infinity to search for the missing plane, entering into a ‘no find no fee’ arrangement.

Malaysia’s decision to proceed with the search shows the commitment to find MH370.

While I am hopeful of a successful search, I’m conscious of not raising hopes for the loved ones of those on board.

Ocean Infinity will focus on searching the seafloor in an area that has previously been identified by experts as the next most likely location to find MH370.
Australia, at Malaysia’s request, will provide technical assistance to the Malaysian Government and Ocean Infinity.

No new information has been discovered to determine the specific location of the aircraft, however data collected during the previous search will be provided.

As always our thoughts are with the families and friends. I hope that this new search will bring answers, both for the next of kin and for the rest of the world.

The Video you are about to watch was recorded on the day of the Airline going Missing, Flight Radar shows MH 370 going off Radar then reappears on two occasions, The Suspicious part about the Flight Radar Recording is that it was changed the next day.

The Aljezzra reporter clearly says that Malaysian Embassy had said the Plane has landed at Nanjing Airport Southern China, Also this Video disappeared the next day and I think I”m the only person who has a copy. Whatever happened on that day I believe I have good evidence that the Plane landed in China because Flight Tracker doesn’t lie.