Mr KATTER (Kennedy): I never bought into this debate throughout it all because I thought it was totally irrelevant. If you live together, you are married automatically. The courts have decided that. Whether you’re man and man, or man and woman, whether you like it or not, you’re married in a legal sense. If there’s going to be no change, then why this great hullabaloo, with $122 million and the whole time of the Parliament of Australia spent on this issue? If you want to see the judgement of the people, you should’ve been at the ballot boxes, where I was, during the Queensland elections. Both parties’ votes are down in the low 30s. They are reaching the lowest levels ever recorded by either party in their history. Congratulations! Keep going in the direction you’re going. We spent the year on this, which makes no difference, as far as I can see, to anything, but when I came down here, every single proposal for protection of religious freedoms has been voted down today. If the local association of LBGTs, or whatever the hell the words are, want to hire a church hall—no, I seriously have no idea what it is, and I’m not going to spend any time finding out either, because you’ll probably have changed it between now and then.


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I have throughout my life seen the rule of the mob and the intimidation of people, and I hope that my children and grandchildren can stand up to the mob and are not intimidated by them. When I was at university, we had to stand up to the mob that were running around waving Mao Zedong little red books. I had to ask some of my colleagues from university days—some of them were called then ‘extreme lefties’; I think I might have been one of them, I don’t know—’Did we really run around with Mao Zedong little red books?’ It turns out that he’s arguably the greatest monster in human history. He’s responsible for 48 million deaths. You can get the pictures from the university demonstrations in my day—the rule of the mob, the rule of young people who are very good and positively minded, but they’re young. I could quote Locke, I could quote de Tocqueville, but I’ll choose to quote John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty: ‘Democracy does not deliver justice, democracy does not deliver fairness, democracy does not deliver protection to minority groups; democracy gives the majority the power, and that may well be tyranny.’ In fact de Tocqueville, who’s the greatest commentator on democracy, wrote a book on tyranny. That was the name of the book, and it was a book on democracy.

The thing that got me about this is: why do people in a relationship want to call it marriage? I refuse to use the word ‘g-a-y’. I did very well, if I say so myself, in English, at school and thereafter, and I got a very high mark. There was a wonderful poem by Alexander Pope, and in it there is a wonderful line:

Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay.

I had to look it up in the dictionary: ‘gay’ means beautiful, happy, light, attractive, ethereal. I wouldn’t—

An incident having occurred in the gallery—

Mr KATTER: Mr Speaker, can you shut them up, please? This is the Parliament of Australia. It’s not a happy clappers meeting here.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Vasta ): Order! The member will be—

Mr KATTER: These people—all these people up here who are clapping—they go around calling themselves beautiful, happy, light, attractive and ethereal, and they’re proud of it. You know, I would be embarrassed if I went around calling myself all these great adjectives, thinking I’m a really wonderful person. What’s in a name? (Time expired)

An incident having occurred in the gallery—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! I ask the members of the audience to please from refrain from clapping and making any noise while the debate is going on. I ask you very quietly and politely to do so. I give the call to the member for Kennedy

Mr KATTER: What I was saying was: why do they use that name? ‘Because it’s a lovely name. We think we’ll call ourselves a lovely name.’ They take the most beautiful word in the English language and take it for themselves. I think you’ve got a damned hide to be perfectly honest with you. I think you’ve got a damned hide and an inflated opinion of yourself, as well. And the rest of the world would agree with what I have just said.

Why is there this big thing about marriage? Whether you want it or whether you don’t, you’re already legally married if you’re living together. That’s the law in Australia. So why did we turn the whole parliament of Australia upside down for 12 months? Because they want to take our name, the name we give to a man and a wife coming together to protect the future generations with children, for themselves. They took the world ‘gay’ off us, and now they’re taking the world ‘marriage’ off us. And when we ask for religious freedoms in this place from a bunch of bludgerigars over here, who have no conscience at all except for the endorsement of the Labor Party as their conscience and their compass, not one of them stood up for religious freedom in this place. That is a message that I will remind voters about at the next election, because there’s still a damn lot of people in this country that do believe that we should love our neighbour—the Christian principle. There are still people in this country that believe that and believe they have the right to have a moral opinion. Obviously, these people here, attempting to intimidate the parliament, don’t believe we should have that right. I have seen you before, because you were out there running around with your Mao Zedong books, back in the sixties. I’ve seen you before! So try your intimidation on, and enjoy yourself down here, but I’ll see you back in the land of the people, and you won’t be quite so popular there, I can tell you.

Chamber House of Representatives on 7/12/2017 Item BILLS – Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 – Consideration in Detail Speaker: Katter, Bob, MP

Source: Parliament of Australia Website 2017 Transcript and Photo used for reporting News (CC Copyright Information)