Julia Bishop: Visited New York on the 16 to 20 May, Julia say’s she will launch Australia’s inaugural candidacy for the Human Rights Council for the term 2018-2020 at United Nations Headquarters, and meet senior Trump Administration and United Nations officials.

Australia’s campaign for a seat on the Human Rights Council reflects Turnbull’s Government commitment to working with other nations to find long-term practical solutions to complex human rights challenges. In addition to the launch, Julie will hold a series of meetings and events engaging with Ambassadors to the UN to promote our candidacy.

If elected, Australia will add a valuable Indo-Pacific perspective and bring to the Council the same principled, pragmatic and consultative approach that distinguished our term on the UN Security Council.

While in New York Julie met the US Ambassador to the United Nations and a member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, Nikki Haley, to discuss US-Australian cooperation in the UN.

Julie Biannouncesounce a four-year, $44 million partnership agreement with the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to help meet humanitarian needs globally. The CERF provides critical life-saving assistance by responding rapidly to fast-developing crisis situations and supporting underfunded existing crises.

Julia also met Michael Bloomberg to discuss our collaboration on the Data for Health initiative. Julia announces the innovation Xchange’s new partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Australian software company Atlassian on a labour force challenges. This partnership will help young people from the Indo-Pacific region prepare for the workforce of the future.

Julia, also meet senior business figures and the American Australian Association to promote Australian trade and investment and seek future opportunities for Australian business in the US. END of Statement Source: Australian Government Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Scorching Hot News Statement: Australians were told on Budget Night to Tighten our Belts because we have a Budget Crisis.

Australian’s are struggling from Mafia Style Electricity Bills, Mafia Style Rent Pricers and have force Millions of people to live in Old Cruppy Units or other Miserable conditions like sharing with people that they don’t know and end up being controlled by Toxic people or they ending up Homeless on our streets and they are visible now in every town.

The Government Continues to allow the Chinese to buy up all new units that are built which makes it impossible for Aussies to ever own their own home and also contributes to rent hikes because of no stock.

The Government has force our Pensioners into Poverty with Pension Payments that only cover rent and food, They Can’t afford Power Bills, They freeze in Winter and they are crying out for help but knowing one is listening except for Scorching Hot News because I have the Guts to say it as it as it is and I won’t stop sticking up for Aussies.

The Genuine unemployed were rob by a lying government who allowed 100,000’s Migrants in on 457visas through the front door on the sly and pretended they stop the Boats but really just opened the front door. These migrants stole all our jobs by working for peanuts. All this was happening at the same time when Coal Mining, Car Manufacturing and other Industries were closing down. There is now no way people will be able to find jobs because they have been push into poverty and can’t even afford a bus ticket or even if they turn up for a job interview it’s hard to smile when you don’t have Dollar in your pocket and knowing the Scab boss will pick a migrant who works for peanuts instead of you.

People something is Bloody wrong and there should be an Australian Federal Police Investigation, Sorry I normally don’t make statement’s because I’m not good with Grammar I normally just do the IT work on this website, But as you can see this Article has my blood boiling.

More articles on Australias generosity with our taxpayer dollars

Australia will provide $110 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross, Julie Bishop $44 million partnership agreement with the United Nations$50 million supporting disaster preparedness and response in the Pacific, $ 15 Million to Humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Turnbull $220 million Assistance announce to King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein, Julie Bishop on tour gave $18 Million Humanitarian assistance to Myanmar

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