Josh was raised on a small farm in the Texas area of Queensland. He attended Texas State School, then furthered his education at Farrier Memorial Agricultural High School at Tamworth.

Josh was brought up to have decent principles, a strong work ethic and is from a hard-working family. He started work from a young age and after finishing his schooling, Josh worked as a drover and musterer, travelling the stock routes through QLD and NSW.

He then went working in the Mining industry which he currently still works in full-time. Josh has a small horse business and camp drafts in his spare time.

Josh treats people with respect and understands what it is like to live in a small community. He has a grasp on what it is like to be a worker, an affinity with people that have to economise from one week to the next.

A proud Queenslander, Josh has a strong interest in local jobs creation “employment is the lifeblood of all communities”.

He relates well with people from all backgrounds, and wants to achieve these things for the Southern Downs electorate and Queensland state:

• To see small business get the support that they need to stay profitable and employee more people

• Lowering the cost of living pressures.

• Farmers need governments that can understand rural people and the day to day struggles that are faced. To stop the privatisation of our water.

• Youth unemployment needs to be tackled and we need to offer more apprenticeships, so young people have that opportunity

• To stop selling Taxpayer assets and focus on building a state owned by its people.


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