Last Night I gave Anonymous Permission to upload this Video onto our facebook page and Wondered could this be true.

Bob Katter has hit the headlines lately in Alternative News Websites and has been popular on Conservative Social Media Circles, The Mainstream Media have Gig, Mock and Ridicule Katter on TV to make him look like some Clown from the Bush. The day Gay Marriage went through the Parliament, Katter Crossing the Floor and stayed staunch catch many people attention[ A Man with a Backbone]

About Robert Carl Katter (BOB) is an Australian politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1993. He was previously active in state politics from 1974 to 1992. Katter was a member of the National Party until 2001, when he left to sit as an independent. He formed his own party, Katter’s Australian Party, in 2011. Katter was born in CloncurryQueensland.

Katter is known as an unabashed social conservative. On economic issues, like his father, Katter retains elements of 1950s Labor policy, including opposition to privatisation and economic deregulation. Katter is firmly in support of indigenous labour being used to build indigenous housing.

In 1997, Katter advocated changing the Child Support Scheme to lessen the financial maintenance obligations for non-custodial parents.

An opponent of the tougher gun control laws introduced in the wake of the 1996 massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Katter was accused in 2001 of signing a petition promoted by the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC), an organisation that claims the Port Arthur massacre was a conspiracy.

He has a complicated approach to climate change. He has opposed enacting legislation to control emissions. However he advocates for measures that reduce carbon footprints.

Katter has supported ethanol fuel subsidies, is against the importation of bananas into Australia, and wants to smash the supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolworths.

In the aftermath of the 2010 federal election, Katter offered a range of views on the way forward for a minority government with the support of three former members of the National Party, Tony WindsorRob Oakeshott and himself, who were all re-elected as independent members of parliament from rural electorates. He presented a document titled 20 points and asked the major parties to respond before deciding which party he would support. The sobriquet ‘Mad Katter’ was coined by the media to describe Katter and his ideas.

On 7 September 2010, Katter announced his support for a Liberal/National Party coalition minority government.

In November 1989, Katter claimed there were almost no homosexuals in North Queensland. He promised to walk backwards from Bourke if they represented more than 0.001 percent of the population.Katter voted against the Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act, 1994 (Cth), which decriminalised homosexuality in Tasmania. He does not support same-sex marriage. His response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey result went viral, as Katter found the issue of crocodiles killing people in North Queensland more pressing.

[Quote by Katter in the Chamber 25 October 2017, Katter Told Burke] If I’m called left wing outside this chamber, I’ll take defamation action I can assure you! There have been very few times in this place I’ve seen a person who can get such unanimity between the left and right so effectively. I would not like to be a country member of parliament running in the forthcoming federal elections. Everyone regularly goes overseas these days—I’m one of the few who doesn’t—and people from the country, by their very nature, have firearms. I mean, it is an absolute necessity. It’s not what you like to do; it’s what you have to do. When you have guns around all the time, you forget when you put some brass in your pocket.

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