Session 1 [Click Here]

How to Create a WordPress Newspaper using tagdiv front end Composer in an easy step by step with Photo and Video Tutorial.

NEWSpaper Headers

The Header is Default so you can leave it as it is or you might want to click the different styles now until you find one that you like or leave after you build the Home page. The theme Header page is where we add logo and favicon also.

Please note in the Video I made One Error Please hit Publish before Clicking on Tagdiv Composer

Please watch video on how to Create home page as this is the Important part to learn because the Composer is used on the front of the page where old Composer use the back end. Once you have Created the Home page then you can do he same again over and over for each Topic or Section you want to Implement on your Newspaper.

The footer is Default at the start is the same as all wordpress themes, Go to the Customizer and add all the trick stuff that’s available and yes there are lot’s of blocks to choose from. So you would need to open up each block to get a feel and look at the design and get creative.


Go to theme panel for Footer designs again It’s best to trial and error until you find the One Suitable and that also gives you an Idea on the Capabilities the footer has, Copyright can be added in this section also. That’s it you’re Done

Please note more advanced features might be added in the future time permitting.