Newspaper Download Zip file
Newspaper Download Installable WordPress File Only 

The Newspaper WordPress Theme installation file []. Download the Newspaper files from your ThemeForest account Buy Theme Here. Click on the Green Download tab and then Click on Installable WordPress File Only. The Reason is you are using our Tutorial, Video and Instructions so you won’t need their Instructions because they are very difficult to understand especially if you have never done this before.

Upload Newspaper Theme
Upload Newspaper Theme.

Go to wordpress Dashboard and Click on the Appearance and then Themes, Wait for the theme section to open and it should look exactly like the Image above. Click on upload theme Newspaper [ZipFile] and then click install now and that’s it for this session. I’m trying to make this as easy as Possible for you I hope that’s OK.

Watch Video tutorial to Install the theme via WordPress 

How to Install Plugins Tagdiv Composer is Important peace of the Newspaper because it’s the Front End Builder and what your Customer will see is the Designs you have made. TagDiv Multi-Purpose Is a New Feature and TagDiv Social Counter can be annoying to set up because you will need to find 3 Facebook Codes we will do that later in the series.

Newspaper Demos

[Warning: PLease be careful with Newspaper Demos, Look at the Default Demo it has a Blue dot Include Content. Why on Earth that is there is silly and can Cause people to make a Serious Mistake. To install with Content will download tons of unwanted Content and Could even cause broken links in the Future. If you Intend to Install a Demo make sure that Blue content button is Switch off].

I prefer to build from Scratch like we are doing in this Tutorial as in the Future when Issues arise you’ll have good knowledge and will have a better chance of fixing the issue yourself.

Envato Plugin

Tip!! Install Envato Market Plugin, Newspaper Theme comes with many plugin that don’t update the way a Normal plugin updates because they are not on the WordPress Plugin Collection which can be annoying unless you Instal this Plugin. The plugin updates Your Theme and all Plugins that come with the theme. It’s a must have plugin and save a lot of time and works well [This is the link to the Plugin]

That’s it for this Session and we will continue on a New Page where we will Build the Home Page and using the front end composer and this is when you see your Newspaper will start to look alive.. Go to Session 2 Click Here