We have heard clearly from the former Prime Minister himself, Tony Abbott, on progress at today’s party room: the clean energy target has definitely been ‘dropped’. You can see who’s in charge here. Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister, is back running the show over there on the other side. And, of course, what have we had announced? The National Energy Guarantee, the NEG. I’ll tell you who’s been negged and who’s negging. It’s Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister, negging Malcolm Turnbull. Do you know what a neg is? It’s a trick. It’s designed to undermine somebody’s confidence. This is exactly what is going on inside the coalition party room right now.

The former Prime Minister spent 10 years trying to destroy climate policy in this nation. Ten years on, he delivers another wrecking ball right through the renewable energy industry and right through households who have done the right thing by putting solar on their roof and embracing clean energy to bring down their power bills. This is an attack on Australians right across the country. Malcolm Turnbull has capitulated. He’s been negged by Tony Abbott, and it’s going to be Australians, householders and businesses that suffer. This is a terrible day for climate change, for the planet and for householders who want lower bills. Nothing announced today is going to reduce people’s power prices. That is the only guarantee we’ve got.

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