United Nation with Australian Politicians
United Nation with Australian Politicians Katter, Hanson, Bishop and Bernardi

Social Media is going off as Australians voice serious concerns as the UN Immigration Agenda continues to send shit people to our country who then continue to carry out Terrorist attacks or Gang Violence in what was once a peaceful Country, the US President has weigh in and has made the similar comment.

Aussies on Social Media are saying the UN Gay Marriage Agenda was rigged in our Postal Survey, ABC TV Pushing Gender Equality on straight people, Sexualising our Children through programs like Safe Schools with proven links to Pedophilia, Agenda 21 to Control our Water and Agenda 2030 to allows Millions of Migrants to Study and Work in our Country.

Julia Bishop has been sending truck loads of cash to Countries that hate us like this is seriously Insane stuff.

What on the Earth is going on do these Muslims in the UN and our Putrid Australian Politicians think we are dumb fools?, What they think we can’t see there is something serious going wrong with these UN Agendas.

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Senator Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi have voice their concerns in the Senate.  [Speeches below]

Pauline Hanson speech in the Senate last year:

Hanson MP: I now draw attention to Agenda 21 of 1992, which was the Earth Summit. Under Agenda 21, it states in chapter 18 to go out around the world and look at the prospects of privatising water throughout the world in First World countries. This is exactly what is happening. There should be no foreign ownership of water in Australia. Water should belong only to the Australian people. No-one has a right over it; it should not be bought and sold on the open market. We must protect our water rights. It is the lifeblood of this nation. The farming sector depends on it, manufacturing depends on it and everyday families depend on it.

Under Agenda 21, it is stated that if you have a dam on your property, you can only capture 10 percent of that water. The rest must flow to the rivers and creeks, otherwise, you will be paying a tax on it. This is under-surveyed, but it does happen. It is surveyed by the satellite system. We are having places now in Australia where the councils are now saying, ‘You will start paying a tax on the rainwater that you collect in your tanks.’ We cannot allow this to head down this path and allow governments and councils to have foreign ownership of our water in Australia. If we allow that happen, we are then opening up for them to control where industries, manufacturing, development and housing happen and for them to take over control of our country.

Cory Bernardi Senate Speech 2017 

Bernardi MP: The UN is an organisation searching for problems that will always require more money and manpower to ensure that they are never solved. Almost everyone I met shared the sentiment that the UN requires significant reform. Exactly what that reform should be depends on who you ask. One simple measure would be to increase transparency. Some UN bodies refuse to allow media or observers to attend their international conferences.

 The question that raises with me is ‘What do they have to hide?’ One particularly secretive event that was brought to my attention was the UN Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Let me make it crystal clear that I am not a fan of smoking. I am not a fan of the nanny state, either. I am a fan of transparency within taxpayer-funded bodies. The UNFCTC COP7 conference was not open to the media. There was no transparency on decision making.

 It does not encourage shareholder or industry engagement and actually discourages broad participation. It is literally the embodiment of the unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic body I so feared I would discover at the United Nations. Amazingly, at a previous meeting of this body in April last year the delegates cosied up to the dictator of Turkmenistan. This is the chap who has banned beards, ballet and pet pooches in recent years. Now he has effectively banned smoking outside, but he runs a state-controlled tobacco monopoly. It goes without saying that in these despotic regimes there is a 20-metre-high gold monument of the person who runs a nation, which imprisons political opponents and foreign media.

 Male homosexuals are locked up in this country, and the government denies freedom of association, expression and religion. But such tyranny and human rights violations are conveniently ignored by FCTC organisers, with the World Health Organisation even presenting the repressive regime with an award for the fight against tobacco. How out of touch can you get? Of course the World Health Organisation is also concerned about the plight of Syrians, who, as you might know, are in the midst of a major conflict.

 They recently received a lecture from the WHO representative stressing the importance of controlling the population’s consumption of tobacco. Ignore the bombs and bullets—watch out for the second hand smoke! This is an example of wrong priorities.

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