Parliament of Australia’s Secret Squirrels Club: Sam Dastyari and Sarah Hanson Young two of the most sleaziest Politicians Selected by WHO? to run a committee on something as Important as News. Australia is Saturated by Fake News every bloody News Channel in our Country is now fake and two Far-Left drongos were pick to run such an Important committee. Where on Earth are the Conservative Politicians who the people elected to represent them in our Parliament hey time to get your finger out of your Arses and watch these lefties befor they totally fuck our Country. Real News is called Fake News by our Lefty friends and Conservatives are called the Far– Right, To Call Conservatives Nazies is an Insult and don’t worry we are onto your Propagadaq bultshit. The Journalist in our Country are trash and I don’t know how you bastards can Sleep at night but don’t worry the People are waking up and GOD Help you all. I Personally would jail the lot of you for Brainwashing people and contributing to people mental Illness. It will only take a Trump like Election in Australia and new leaders rise up an whip your Arses. Scorching Hot News