Optimize WordPress Website 

An easy step by step Tutorial on how to optimize the wordpress database in Cpanel. Optimize a Worpress website is vital better loading speeds on desktops and Mobil devicers and will save you Ton of Money and give a better user experince to your Customers.

Step 1. Log into CPanel and this will bring you to your Cpanel Dashboard, Please watch Video if you have never done this technical Optimization before. Please go to step 2.


Step 2 Looking at your Dashboard and look for database, Remember your dashboard may look different to this. You are looking for [ phpMyAdmin ] Please click on that. 

Once you have click on that the Cpanel will do a refresh on its own so please wait for the refersh then go to Step3.

Step 3. Click on WordPress link, Be mindfull if you have a number of URL’s to check you are clicking on the right link which should look like the example above and once that is done go to Step 4.


Step 4. Tick the [ Check all Tables ]and then click on drop down table and click on  [Optimize table ] and you are all done. Congratualtions you just optimize WordPress and saved yourself a ton of money.