Senator DASTYARI: No, no. I have to say, after the election, when we first came back to this place, I thought we were all going to be talking about marriage equality—that marriage equality was going to be a big issue that we were going to deal with, hopefully in this parliament, hopefully in the first six months—and there was all this talk of a rainbow coalition. Well, we have seen the new rainbow coalition emerge: the Greens, One Nation, Nationals and Liberal coalition!

As Senator Roberts was saying, this is the future. We are seeing a crystal ball into the new year and, Senator McKim, it is fantastic that despite your differences with Senator Roberts and despite the fact that you spent the day on Twitter attacking each other about protesters, you are able to fold and give in to their policy positions when you see the merits of the arguments that are being made. Senator Roberts is right, you folded because you saw the empirical evidence. You saw the empirical evidence of Senator Roberts’s argument, and in the end the Greens party ended up adopting a One Nation position.

Where are the other Greens? They are not even here. We have not even heard from Senator Whish-Wilson in this debate. Who knows where he is at the moment.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR ( Senator Whish-Wilson ): Senator McKim, a point of order.

Senator McKim: Just quickly, it is incumbent on me to point out that in fact Senator Whish-Wilson is in the chair at the moment and fulfilling a duty to the Senate.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR: Thank you, Senator McKim, that is a debating point.

Senator DASTYARI: You are going to be getting up and defending Senator Roberts! But I have to say, Senator Roberts, I did see you a bit earlier and I noticed that there was a web video that you did with a Jean-Claude Van Damme. I hope the minister will not be offended by this, but we call him the ‘real’ Muscles from Brussels, as opposed to the other one. I thought it was appropriate because it is having a bit of backbone, having a bit of spine and being able to stand up and fight for your position. I think it is fitting, Senator McKim, that we had Van Damme in the building here today, actually trying to instil a sense of, ‘You’ve got to stand up for something; you have to believe in something,’ because what we have seen from the Greens is that they fold. They give in. You gave in! You gave in under the first bit of pressure that came, and you gave in to adopt One Nation’s policy position.

This whole thing has been fairly sticky from the start, and not sticky in the sense of the protesters that you are all mates with, but sticky in the sense that the policy on this has been shady from go to whoa. The second the government turns around and puts any kind of pressure on the Greens, you fold. You have to learn that you have to stand up for some principles sometimes in this place, Senator McKim. I am disappointed. I have said this before, pragmatism is important in politics but so is policy and so is standing up for what you believe and so is standing up for—

Senator McKim: Oh please!


Senator DASTYARI: Through you chair, it is the Greens Party that are adopting the One Nation agenda. We saw it a few months ago when Senator Hanson made her first speech. They got up and in some kind of theatrical flourish walked out. I did not realise they were walking out so they could go and adopt her policy book. They must have heard the speech and got so inspired that they ran out to see how many of these policies they could adopt for themselves.

When Senator Roberts is playing the tune, it is Senator McKim who is following. I have to say Senator McKim—

Senator Lambie: The Pied Piper!

Senator DASTYARI: The Pied Piper! Senator Roberts is the Pied Piper!

I know there has been a lot of talk recently from the Leader of the Government in the Senate about the obsession that Mr Dreyfus, from the other place, may have. I do not think there is any truth in that, but what I notice from your social media feed, Senator McKim, is the obsession that you seem to have with Senator Roberts. I am all for that, you know; I am very open-minded about these matters. But what I am surprised about is that it has extended towards policy adoption and the policy development process. We always knew the Greens were a bit light on policy but I did not realise they were so desperate for votes that they were going to try to steal the One Nation policy agenda. And with that I will conclude to give the Senate enough time to actually debate.

THE SENATE BILLS Income Tax Rates Amendment (Working Holiday Maker Reform) Bill 2016 (No. 2) Consideration of House of Representatives Message SPEECH Source Senate Page 4063 Proof No Questioner Responder Speaker Dastyari, Sen Sam Question No. 

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