Sam Dastyari
Dastyari losers the Plot over Pauline Hanson Ban the Burka Photo ParlView

Senator DASTYARI (New South WalesDeputy Opposition Whip in the Senate) (10:57): The burqa ban again! I am not going to take up any more of the Senate’s important time having this ridiculous debate time and time again. We all get paid a lot of money to be parliamentarians, and we all have a lot of things to do. But I do want to leave with these immortal words that were left by Senator Hanson to us today. Ignore the advice of security agencies and ignore every expert in the field—it’s okay because Senator Hanson got up today and said, ‘I spoke to a taxi driver about it once.’ Oh, Senator, you met a Muslim in the wild. It must have been an exciting experience!

Chamber Senate on 14/09/2017ItemBILLS – Criminal Code Amendment (Prohibition of Full Face Coverings in Public Places) Bill 2017 – Second Reading Speaker: Dastyari, Sen Sam Parliment Transcript used for reporting the truth in News

Senator Pauline Hanson
Senator Pauline Hanson Photo ParlView

Pauline Hanson ’ Australians want a debate on the Islamisation of this country. Pauline Burqa Speech

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