George Christensen: The Australian government’s guidelines on the recognition of sex and gender says ‘gender refers to the way a person feels.’ Schoolboys are told they can use the girls’ toilet at school; children are made to role-play as if they were in a same-sex relationship; teenage girls are told in schools that chest binding is a great way to reduce the size of their chest. And parents don’t get a say in this. This stuff comes through city programs like the Safe Schools program, which next year will be compulsory in the state of Victoria. Any education about marriage or sex must include education in this new universe about the multiverse of possibilities.

According to the Labor Party’s policy platform, they are ‘committed to making sex education inclusive of all sexualities and gender identities.’ What’s more, they’re going to appoint an LGBTIQA sheriff, a new human rights commissioner, to ensure that it happens and it happens in schools. How many genders will Labor pander to in this new world of sex education? New York City’s Commission on Human Rights officially recognises 31 genders, and businesses risk a six-figure fine for failing to accommodate them all and use the politically correct pronouns of each and every one. Researchers at QUT, the Queensland University of Technology, listed 33 gender options on their Australian sex survey, and the Genderfluid Support website lists 114 different genders, none of which are male or female. Facebook gave 10 genders to choose from, but that wasn’t enough, so now there’s a custom button. Google pronounced it would support an infinite number of ways to express gender identity. This isn’t a slippery slope; we are sliding out of control, really. A good place to start to regain control would be for people to vote no on this important question. Saying no and supporting Australian law is not hate speech. Australian values are worth preserving. 

Source: Chamber House of Representatives on Marriage Speaker: Christensen, George, MP Parliament of Australia