Julie Bishop: Today the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) launches an innovative recruitment campaign to attract the next generation of Intelligence Officers to serve Australia’s interests.

For obvious reasons, most Australians are not aware of ASIS and its activities. However, this makes it difficult to recruit the right people to work in the fields of intelligence and espionage.

Applicants are invited to take what will be the most interesting job interview they are likely to face, which will identify those smart, perceptive, empathetic individuals with the ‘human intelligence’ to work for ASIS.

While these qualities are special, they are not unique. The same skills are required for a variety of professions ranging from teaching to customer service. Potential applicants could come from diverse backgrounds.

Applicants need to show they can build relationships, pay attention to detail and they must be willing to live overseas.  They must also be discreet and capable of collecting foreign intelligence from human sources.

Through an online interactive experience, candidates can gauge their suitability and if successful, apply for a position. The process is confidential, so applications should not be discussed.

To take The Most Interesting Job Interview visit www.morehumanintelligence.com.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website – www.dfat.gov.au