Senator Bernardi: I seek leave to make a short statement for one minute—or five minutes as the case may be.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Leave is granted for one minute.

Senator BERNARDI: The Australian Conservatives unequivocally support Australia Day remaining where it is. I do want to put it on the record that when Senator McGrath gave his impassioned plea for the Patriots of Australia in defence of our traditions, Senator Hanson-Young called him a disgrace. I do not think that there is anything disgraceful about sticking up for Australia. In fact, if there were more patriots in this place, instead of people who are happy to undermine and sell out our institutions, our country would be much better off.

So I support you, Senator McGrath. I condemn Senator Hanson-Young for her condemnation of people sticking up for Australia Day. If we are not prepared to defend our values, our principles and our traditions in this country, we will replace them with anything else—and that’s okay for the internationalists over there who want to have UN Day instead of Australia Day, but it’s not okay for those people who recognise that Australia was formed. We can recognise our Indigenous heritage—we can recognise a whole range of things—but we need to stand up and support our way of life, our culture and values.