Safe schools to unsafe schools has been a serious topic of conversation by concerned parents on facebook, Talks of school strikes or pulling children out of schools is very real. Parents fear their children may become Gay Indoctrinated because the whole Gay package is been sold to children as a fad or fashion since Same Sex marriage went through our Parliament and all protections on that day where flush down the toilet and the true Colours of all Australian Politicians was on show for all Australia to witness on our TV Screens and mark my words their will be a voters consequence for those Politicians even the ones who chicken out and left the chamber.

The first community-based LGBTIQ youth groups in the fields of social services were established in the United States in the late 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s a sexual risk discourse dominated LGBTIQ issues in education policy in Victoria. Addressing school bullying with practical steps is a worldwide trend. The Safe Schools Coalition Australia provides resources such as this program as part of The National Safe Schools Framework which deals with the wider causes of bullying.

his voluntary program, developed by the Safe Schools Coalition, commenced in Victoria on 21 October 2010, and received national funding of $8 million in 2013. Federal funding for the program was sought by openly-gay Senator Penny Wong, the (ALP) Finance Minister in 2013. It was formally launched in June 2014 by the (LiberalAbbott Government. The program is focused on “challenging the bullying and discrimination of the LGBTIQ community within the school setting”.

What is Safe Schools or unsafe Schools the FN truth

The program expanded nationally because of its success. Content was created by a number of experts in the field. Melbourne High School teacher Christopher Bush helped produce and write content. The program runs in every state of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, and is planned to commence in the Northern Territory. As of mid February 2016, 490 schools were members of the program, and 86 organisations were supporters of the coalition. According to the official website as of September 2016, 545 schools are members, up from the February 2016 figure when a campaign against the program commenced. In NSW there were originally 120 schools registered, however the education department determined that 89 of those schools had never accessed resources and had no intention to do so in the immediate future.

Federal Member for Dawson, George Christensen, exposes some of the material that the Safe Schools program is delivering to school students, including pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities, and sex clubs. The full speech in Print click here

The Safe Schools Program contains a range of materials from which principals and teachers may choose to include, allowing educators to decide what is appropriate for their schools. Some schools present no classroom material to students. There are four official guides, three official posters and eight lesson plans. Videos are available to accompany the lessons. In 2015, a teaching manual called All Of Us was launched, following approval by the federal Education Department. Authors of the manual include Margot Fink, a finalist for Young Australian of the Year in 2016. The guide includes information on teaching gender diversity, sexual diversity and intersex topics. Resource content includes a video of same sex attracted and gender diverse youth, as well as intersex film-maker Phoebe Hart. A children’s story book, entitled The Gender Fairy, released in January 2016 and promoted by the Safe Schools Coalition, explains transgender issues for young children. Safe Schools Coalition co-founder, Roz Ward has compiled the accompanying notes for teachers and parents. Safe Schools material provides advice for secondary students faced with explicit-content-filters on computers and with resistance to displaying LGBTIQ posters. Child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg says, “The civil disobedience is not wise.”

The material challenges notions of heteronormativity and promotes acceptance of LGBTIQ people. The goal is to achieve an understanding and tolerance of LGBTIQ individuals through education. Students are given the opportunity to challenge LGBT stereotypes Another aim is to reduce the incidence of depressionsuicide and self-harm. Representatives from Safe Schools are available to meet with parents, students and teachers upon request.

Some school principals reported a decrease in same-sex attracted and gender diverse students being bullied. Testimony from students has explained how the program improves the learning environment. There are reports that the introduction of the program has reduced the prevalence of homophobic and transphobic language at schools. In some instances the mere knowledge that a school is part of the coalition has increased the level of safety felt by LGBTIQ students.

Some parents of students who took part in the program have expressed dislike for changes to school policy in regards to bathroom use. Others have expressed concern that they did not know that this “ideology” was being “imposed” on their children.The Safe Schools Coalition actively encourages people to report any inappropriate content.

In May 2016, Queenslander of the Year and transgender woman Cate McGregor, who “had been asked to be an Ambassador for the program and had initially agreed”,subsequently said that she does not agree that the Safe Schools program is the best way to support transgender children. McGregor said she objects to the program as she believes it is underpinned by a political ideology with which she does not agree, saying that the program “teaches a derivative of queer theory, which I believe leads trans people into a blind alley”. McGregor was subsequently stood down as the patron of Kaleidoscope Australia for her opposition to the Safe Schools program. McGregor expressed her disappointment.

In June 2016, La Trobe University suspended Roz Ward, the British academic and activist who “runs the Safe Schools Coalition” through the university’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, for saying she wanted to get rid of the “racist” Australian flag and replace it with a red flag, “and my work is done”. Ward was also suspended from the Safe Schools program. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Ward’s actions “underlined concerns many people had about how the program was managed”. Ward’s solicitors wrote to the university’s Vice-Chancellor, John Dewar, urging him to withdraw all allegations and reinstate her by 10am Monday, otherwise legal action would ensue. While Dewar defended the University’s actions, he reinstated Ward, with the Teachers Union saying Ward would be then able to resume supporting young people who are bullied. Beyondblue provided almost $600,000 to La Trobe University to administer the Safe Schools program. However, its chairman, Jeff Kennett, threatened to withdraw future funding and called for Ward to resign because of her “extreme political views”.

In July 2016, members of Sydney’s Chinese community lodged a petition containing more than 17,000 signatures, against the Safe Schools program.The chairman of the Confederation of Indian Australian Associations has said, “It should not be given that platform in the school lessons, the majority of Indians feel … school is not an appropriate place to bring this subject up.”

Dr Kevin Donnelly, who advocates for conservative viewpoints in discussions of education and established an institute which promotes the inclusion of Christian beliefs in schools and was previously co-chair of the National Curriculum Review and Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University, has argued that the program may override parents’ rights as primary caregivers and impose an agenda on their children which they might not accept.Donnelly has also said there is a lack of transparency with the program in New South Wales.

The Australian Human Rights Commission expressed concern over attempts to impose parental consent requirements, stating that there needed to be careful consideration of its impact on children struggling with sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status, and stating “while we recognise the rights of parents to be informed and engaged in their child’s education, it is important to ensure children who have not yet ‘come out’ to their family can still access the program and its resources.”

Former Prime Minister John Howard has said, “What’s disappointed me is an issue like Safe Schools. When that emerged it should have been hit on the head by centre-right governments at federal and state level”.

In April 2017, Victorian education officials conceded there is a lack of hard evidence on the rates of homophobic bullying in schools to justify the decision to mandate the Safe School program.

On 9 May 2017 the Australian Christian Lobby hosted a seminar in Melbourne entitled Is Safe Schools safe?, with the speakers, Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Western Sydney, John Whitehall and Dr Elisabeth Taylor from ACL. About 30 people, several of whom had their faces covered with bandanas, blocked the entrance to the seminar stopping the majority of the attendees from entering. Safe Schools activists from the Community Action Against Homophobia group protested outside a similar event in Sydney.

In Canberra there were “acts of intimidation” made against those opposed to the Safe Schools Program. Anti safe schools signs were “torn up, burnt and defaced with threats to kill”.

In August 2017, a rally to protest against the Safe Schools program in Canberra was, “effectively drowned out by vocal supporters” of the program.

The End or Possible the beginning

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