The Turnbull Government is today announcing an additional $70 million for Australian health and medical researchers to help boost their research capability and to find innovative, practical solutions for better health care.

This investment is being made over the next five years from 2017-18 through the Turnbull Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Next Generation Clinical Researchers program.

This program will boost the talent and capacity of Australia’s health and medical research workforce by increasing the scale of existing fellowship schemes offered by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Building researcher capacity is vital to Australia’s continued success as a global health and medical research leader and innovator.

Fellowships encourage leading researchers in the early to middle stages of their careers to remain in the competitive research arena. It’s about supporting the next generation of Australia’s researchers.

Expansion of fellowship schemes was recommended by the independent Australian Medical Research Advisory Board, which advises the Government on the best use of MRFF funds.

The Next Generation Clinical Researcher program increases the funds available to researchers through three NHMRC fellowships schemes.

The program received $8 million from the first tranche of MRFF disbursements.  The first group of MRFF fellowships were announced by the Prime Minister and myself in October.

Today, we are also announcing the allocation of $1.79 million to the next group of MRFF fellowships.

Ten MRFF Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellows will use the funds to work on a broad range of health issues, from suicide prevention to chronic kidney disease and to translate theory and laboratory work into improved health care practice and outcomes for patients.

In addition, the successful applicants for the 12 TRIP fellowships funded by the NHMRC are also being announced today. These fellowships are worth a total of $2.15 million.

These TRIP fellowships will increase the number of opportunities for Australia’s talented researchers to continue their important work.

The announcement today of a further $70 million for fellowships into the future will ensure Australia has the research capacity to maintain its global research powerhouse status.

Translation of research into clinical practice is crucial to improve the health outcomes of all Australians and the operation of our health system.

This reinforces the Turnbull Government’s unprecedented commitment to health and medical research.


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