Cory Bernardi: I make no bones about it: Australian Conservatives wholeheartedly and 100 per cent support Australia Day. And this is not to gloss over our history. This is not to recognise that our history doesn’t have highs and lows. But we have evolved; we have moved together as a nation to become the country that we are today. It is the best country in the world as far as I’m concerned. Yes, we have some challenges, but the challenges are not 26 January; the challenges are the fact that too few people are prepared to make a contribution to this country in a financial sense, which is leading people in this place to make decisions that we are leaving to future generations to sort out.

I regret that part of the problem is the fragmentation of this extreme leftist agenda, that says they know best and that they can govern better than individuals can manage their own affairs. That is the totalitarian nature of the Greens. That is the big problem confronting our country. Days like Australia Day, Christmas and Easter, our regular festivities and our traditions, are the things that bind and build our culture together. The Greens and their acolytes have no interest in perpetuating the culture that binds us together. They want to destroy, to tear down, the things that makes this country good so that they can reinvent it in their neo-Marxist image.

It is an absolute disgrace that Senator McKim uses his democratic right to trash our country in this place. He’s meant to be better than that; he should be better than that. He’s still carrying the internal grievance and the hatred that he has for other people because he wasn’t included and invited to a birthday party as a three-year-old. This is a man with a serious psychological chip on his shoulder, and he shouldn’t be carrying it in this place.