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Scorching Hot News project began in 2016, I wanted to Build an Alternative Newspaper that was Fast Loading on All Devices using latest Technolgy.

Scorching Hot News Official Started January 2017

Business Name Scorching Hot News 

ABN 69163313636

Scorching Hot News is the top source for news in the social media culture especially our Facebook page started in 2011 and has always kept a loyal following. 

Scorching Hot News is the most prolific news site reporting on Parliament of Australia, Politics, Health and more content to come in the future. I provide the real deal in news reports, reviewing real Political statements, and official government Media Releasers without the spin Including Source to every Article and offering the latest designs in social media resources and sharing guides.

Scorching Hot News is an ongoing project, I built every part of this website and in saying that I went through many years of educating myself on Internet trends and Website Designs. The website’s back of the house is tested weekly and Security is always kept up to date using SSL Sockets.

Scorching Hot News is Publishing on Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP and APPLE News.

All Articles have an Attribution or Source to the story, You can always feel confident and it’s my promise that my articles are the Truth. 

Regards Sam


Sam Bernard
Sam Bernard owner of Scorching Hot News, Photo on Frazer Island