Hon Julie Bishop MP
Hon Julie Bishop MP , Photo Parliament of Australia

Today on World Refugee Day I announce that the Australian Government will provide humanitarian assistance to support Afghan refugees in Pakistan, people returning to Afghanistan from neighbouring countries, and Afghan people who have been displaced by conflict.

The United Nations estimates over 3.3 million Afghan people are currently displaced across Afghanistan and Pakistan. Additionally, since January 2016 over 1.1 million people have returned to Afghanistan from neighbouring countries. Many returnees are in urgent need of assistance with resettlement and reintegration.

Australia’s assistance of $15 million will provide vital protection services, healthcare and nutrition to Afghan refugees in Pakistan, people returning from neighbouring countries, people displaced by conflict and host communities in Pakistan. It will focus on protecting the most vulnerable, including women and children and people with disabilities.

Our assistance in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be provided through the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Children’s Fund, International Organisation for Migration, and the UN Population Fund.

The number of refugees and displaced people globally is the highest it has been since World War II. Australia continues to play its part resettling refugees from Afghanistan and other countries, and providing humanitarian aid overseas to assist refugees and their host communities.

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